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Today’s healthcare consumer has more choices and expects more personalization than ever. This expectation is driving change across all industries. To complicate the issue, the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges as it continues to fundamentally shift the way people interact with the healthcare system. To stay competitive, healthcare organizations are investing in patient relationship management (PRM) solutions to help deliver proactive engagement, tailored to individual members and patients.

We help health plans and care delivery systems meet and exceed their consumer expectations through advanced data-driven insights that deliver a more personalized, patient-centered care experience.


Theon® Platform takes in multiple types and sources of patient data, analyzes the data, and returns insights and information at the population and individual levels that allows users to take specific actions and informs clinical and operational decisions.



Theon® for Care Management uses insights from Theon® Population Analytics to inform pre-configured guided interactions, evidence-based assessments, care plan content and ready-to-use reports to help providers, provider support staff and health plan care managers better engage the people they serve.

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