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Learning from Payers About Population Health Management

While health systems are new to the value-based game, payers have, of course, been trying to keep down costs by helping their customers manage their health for decades. In this webinar, you’ll learn lessons from health plans on successful population health management.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Improve Your Enterprise

In this webinar learn how healthcare organizations are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to convert the explosion of data into information that improves patient health.

Physicians, Get Ready: The Imminent Restructuring of Medicare Reimbursements Driven By MACRA

In this webinar, explore how MACRA changes Medicare reimbursement and the actions physican practices are being encouraged to take now to preserve reimbursements.

Healthcare Reimbursements are Still Changing: What Hospitals and Health System Executives Need to Know

In this webinar, explore how healthcare reimbursement continues to change and what hospital and health system executives can do to prepare their organizations for these changes.

Secrets to Quickly Improving Your Care Team's Patient Engagement Skills

In this webinar, learn how to improve your care team's skills quickly and easily with micro learning courses that can be as short as 10 minutes.

Advanced Analytics for Employers - Optimizing Health Plan Value

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Geneia's advanced analytics platform illuminates care opportunities for prevention and improved quality, savings opportunity through network utilization and medication purchasing.

The Quest to Conquer the Triple Aim

Healthcare organizations are accumulating data, developing new processes and workflows, and transitioning to population health models to achieve Triple Aim objectives. In some cases, these actions may not be enough to substantially improve the performance of frontline staff and the value of care delivered. During this webinar, The Geneia Institute's data and population health experts discussed pain points and potential strategies to propel organizations forward in the quest to conquering the Triple Aim.

How the Most Successful ACOs Use Advanced Analytics to Succeed

Successful ACOs thrive on data and the kind of advanced analytics that allow physicians, Chief Medical Officers, administrators, care managers, and other members of the care team to easily evaluate and care for individual patients and populations of patients. In this webinar, Kevin Rill, Director of Engineering, showed how ACOs use Geneia’s analytics platform to fully comprehend and improve organizational performance.

Healthcare Interoperability: Moving from Data to Optimization, Collaboration, and Engagement

During this webinar Geneia's Chief Architect, Michael Planchart, and Director of Technical Engineering, Michael Jenkins, discussed the importance of healthcare interoperability. They reviewed the business and technical perspectives on interoperability and offered strategies that healthcare organizations can use to address this challenge.