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A Healthy Step Forward

There is no price for peace of mind. For being with loved ones. In the safety of home. With the right support. The Geneia @HomeSM remote monitoring program is a powerful extension of your care delivery team. It is a solution that delivers big results in increased patient engagement and advanced care management.

Opt3AtHomeHowItWorksWearable devices are everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if the biometric data these devices generated could be used to improve the lives of those most medically at-risk? With Geneia, they do.

Geneia is pioneering the wave of the future with our @HomeSM remote patient monitoring system. Through remote monitoring, chronically ill and at-risk patients are engaging in their care in new ways, and are doing so from the comfort of their own homes. Clinicians respond to monitoring alerts and take action to prevent emergent situations from becoming emergencies – saving people from potentially life-threatening and traumatic experiences while easing the burden on healthcare systems.

Innovate with Geneia and:

  • NewAtHomeInfoGraphicMitigate disease progression in the chronically ill and at-risk
  • Empower consumers with self-management and self-awareness tools
  • Engage physicians and care teams in patient care between office visits
  • Increase collaboration between physicians, caregivers, families and patients
  • Seamlessly integrate remote monitoring into existing care management programs
  • With our Theon® analytics platform, deploy predictive analytics for more targeted and effective interventions
  • Prevent avoidable emergency department visits

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