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Our unparalleled computing power puts us in a class by ourselves.

Understanding a patient or population risk, relative to disease and comorbidities through retrospective and predictive lenses, as they relate to associated costs and risks for future costs and needs, is a complex undertaking. Our transparent and customizable algorithms uncover opportunities that drive cost efficiencies and higher quality outcomes throughout every aspect of the health delivery care and cost system.

For example, analytics guides success in population health management through business and clinical measures, such as:

  • Performance-based management of care performance – customized for your agreements with payer, commercial and government institutions
  • Readmission analysis
  • Cohort identification for prospective diseases such as diabetes, congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease
  • Prospective and predictive risks and costs
  • Probability of inpatient stay
  • Attribution logic at PCP and specialty levels
  • Pre-defined patient registries, pre-defined metrics for common risk scores and pre-defined metrics for population stratification to help deliver better patient care that is quick, clear, organized and prioritized
  • Insights relative to resource utilization and the quality of those services
  • Insights relative to network utilization, including leakage, efficacy and efficiency
  • Comprehensive view of service utilization by category and type

Our solutions, specifically our algorithms and reporting analytics, are configurable and customizable to meet your specific needs. Transparency, custom rules and custom algorithm creation facilitate ongoing enhancements along the path to total population health management.

While everyone needs access to the same data, not everyone has the same interest in the same types of reporting, analytics and data manipulation. Therefore, we have created custom role-based dashboards that enable easy access to each role’s most relevant reporting benchmarks and predictive risk models.

Our analytics surpass others and set us apart from the crowd because of our strict adherence to data unity. We require the highest of level of adherence to data consistency and unity. We understand the critical importance for everyone within the healthcare delivery system to have dependable, non-duplicating information upon which to base their decisions, whether those decisions are for business, enterprise, administrative or clinical purposes. Our Theon® application weaves together all disparate, fragmented and duplicated data into a single, unified source - our Care Data Fabric. This united fabric ensures that all information is integrated, reliable and shareable by everyone.

Another critical component of Theon® analytics is our focus on your structured payment and delivery models that tie reimbursements to quality metrics and to reductions in the total cost of care for any assigned population of patients.

In our ever-changing landscape, healthcare delivery systems need to stay in front of regulatory changes to be successful. Our intelligence guides and supports your critical decision-making process that brings into alignment your vision of excellence in patient-centered care.

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