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Our Theon® platform provides an analytics and insights solution for health plans, providers and employers that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Delivers key insights into performance, risk, cost and utilization
  • Provides predictive capabilities to guide early and targeted interventions

Fueled by role-based workflows and customizable, user-friendly dashboards for reporting, exploration and analysis, our clients consistently achieve improved quality outcomes and lowered cost and utilization.

We built our solution specifically for the purpose of incorporating claims and clinical data to better manage populations and drive increasingly higher health value for our clients and the people they serve.


Our Theon® Platform for Population Analytics, now available on the Salesforce®  ecosystem, successfully aligns payers and providers to improve the quality and cost of care. After using the enterprise version of the Theon® platform, clients* report:

  • Increased quality scores
  • Increased Medicare Stars ratings
  • Lowered business costs by 2.5 – 7.5 percent
  • Lowered claims costs by 2 percent
  • Reduced out-of-network referrals by 5 percent
  • Saved more than $8,000 per member per year in remote monitoring programs while slowing disease progression


Designed by teams who actively practice population health management and now available on the Salesforce® ecosystem, the Theon® Platform for Population Analytics embeds data-driven insights within existing workflows, timelines and care plans to improve care coordination, patient engagement, and the delivery of patient-centered, cost-controlled care.

After using the enterprise version of the Theon® platform, our provider partners* report:

  • Lowered emergency department visits by more than 8 percent
  • Reduced hospital admissions by 8 to 14.8 percent
  • Reduced readmissions by 5 percent
  • Decreased physician administrative burden


Clients use the Theon® Platform for Employee Health, now available on the Salesforce® ecosystem, to improve employee outcomes and engagement and lower costs. It delivers employers previously unavailable, timely and actionable insights into current and future costs and successfully aligns employers, payers, network providers and benefits delivery partners. Key advantages include:

  • More control over employee health outcomes
  • Better ROI for healthcare spend
  • On-demand, actionable insights for employee population and key cohorts
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform with recommendations to impact utilization and spend

After using the enterprise version of the Theon® platform, one of our large employer clients* found:

  • More than $500,000 in out-of-network utilization
  • More than 68 employees who visited emergency departments, but not their PCP within last year
  • More than 200 employees with high-risk conditions who had not seen their PCP in more than  a year
  • More than $39,000 in retail prescription costs that could be re-directed to mail order
  • More than 500 employees who are pre-diabetic

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*Geneia successfully migrated the Theon® analytics and insights platform to the Salesforce ecosystem  in 2018.

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