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Our Theon® platform provides an analytics and insights solution for health plans, providers and employers that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Delivers key insights into performance, risk, cost and utilization
  • Provides predictive capabilities to guide early and targeted interventions

Fueled by role-based workflows and customizable, user-friendly dashboards for reporting, exploration and analysis, our clients consistently achieve improved quality outcomes and lowered cost and utilization.

We built our solution specifically for the purpose of incorporating claims and clinical data to better manage populations and drive increasingly higher health value for our clients and the people they serve.



With unprecedented call volumes, healthcare organizations need easy-to-use care coordination tools to help quickly triage concerned and affected patients toward the best course of action. This version of Theon® Care Management available for COVID-19 triage and patient management is a lightweight, tailored solution that leverages critical functionality from Geneia’s Theon® Platform for Care Management to support healthcare organizations contending with unprecedented call volumes and is powered by Salesforce Health Cloud.

The COVID-19 customization includes personas, workflows and specific clinical guidelines to help healthcare professionals gather pertinent information and guide callers to the next-best action or outcome. Inquiring callers may be routed in several ways, including:

  • Directed to educational resources
  • Routed to a nurse for clinical assessment
  • Routed to the nearest testing location
  • Directed to seek care at the nearest emergency department

Hospitals and healthcare organizations can get started here.

“At times like this, every person and every organization is asked to step up, to contribute what they can to help. Geneia is proud to share our clinical and care management expertise with hospitals, health systems and care teams confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.“

- Heather Staples Lavoie, President, Geneia



Our Theon® Platform for Population Analytics, now available on the Salesforce®  ecosystem, successfully aligns payers and providers to improve the quality and cost of care. After using the enterprise version of the Theon® platform, clients* report:

  • Increased quality scores
  • Increased Medicare Stars ratings
  • Lowered business costs by 2.5 – 7.5 percent
  • Lowered claims costs by 2 percent
  • Reduced out-of-network referrals by 5 percent
  • Saved more than $8,000 per member per year in remote monitoring programs while slowing disease progression



Designed by teams who actively practice population health management and now available on the Salesforce® ecosystem, the Theon® Platform for Population Analytics embeds data-driven insights within existing workflows, timelines and care plans to improve care coordination, patient engagement, and the delivery of patient-centered, cost-controlled care.

After using the enterprise version of the Theon® platform, our provider partners* report:

  • Lowered emergency department visits by more than 8 percent
  • Reduced hospital admissions by 8 to 14.8 percent
  • Reduced readmissions by 5 percent
  • Decreased physician administrative burden



Our Theon® Platform for Analytics and Reporting provides critical insights into key cost, utilization and quality performance metrics. Designed for small-to-medium-sized hospitals, the platform provides clinical and financial team members with valuable insights and visualizations without the need to manipulate data manually. The intuitive and easily navigable interface offers the key reports needed to prepare for value-based success, for example:

  • Quick and intuitive insights into physician and practice quality performance, utilization leakage, risk, readmission and open care gaps
  • Reduce readmissions through improved patient insights
  • Prioritize care gap closure based on those most valuable to reimbursement strategies
  • Track progress towards financial and utilization goals
  • Easily identify and outreach to patients at high risk and with high utilization to facilitate more timely and targeted communication and program enrollment



Geneia’s Theon® Platform for Care Management is a workflow solution that simplifies and improves care coordination. Because our clinical team designed the workflows and use them every day, we know they save time, money, and improve care quality and satisfaction while reducing administrative burden. Key advantages include the ability to:

  • Reduce the number of member assessments needed
  • Preserve member history
  • Streamline updates as regulations and clinical guidelines change
  • Prioritize daily and weekly actions for different types of care management end-users
  • Improve efficiency and frustration by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple systems to get a clear understanding of each member’s needs
  • Add members (individually or multi-select) to care management programs with a single-click


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*In 2018, Geneia migrated the Theon® Platform for Population Analytics to the Salesforce ecosystem.

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