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Geneia’s most popular content areas are AI, value-based care and the digital front door.
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Geneia’s most popular blogs and podcasts in 2021

AI, value-based care and the digital front door top the list

Hypertension complications calculator shows how the Geneia model works for populations
Data Science
Hypertension complications calculator: Know your population’s risk

A sneak peek into our patent-pending Hypertension Complications Model

Six best practices for integrating chronic disease analytics into population health
Data Science
Six best practices: Integrating analytics into population health

We develop, implement and use analytic models for chronic disease.

How Geneia data scientists and clinicians collaborate to create and hone predictive models
Data Science
Geneia Conversations: Health Plans, AI and Chronic Disease

A data scientist and clinician discuss the hypertension complications model

How health plans use predictive analytics to manage diabetes, hypertension and heart failure
Data Science
Chronic disease care: Essential AI for health plans

Predicting Diabetes, Heart Failure and Hypertension Complications.

Geneia clinicians help improve the usability of our predictive analytic models
Data Science
How Geneia data scientists collaborate with clinicians

Geneia clinicians help improve the usability of our analytic models.