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World Congress Webinar Health Plans Help Providers

How Plans are Supporting Providers to Achieve Value-Based Care Goals

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Duration: 1hr

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In partnership with World Congress Healthcare, we are excited to present this timely topic.

Even with an increased appetite to participate in value-based care arrangements, accelerated as a result of the pandemic, providers still face many challenges in achieving value-based care goals.

Health plans realize this and many are taking a new approach to supporting their provider partners, knowing the patient and business benefits of achieving value-based outcomes.

In this panel discussion, gain insight into ways that plans are assisting their provider partners – including providing accurate, actionable, and real-time data and insights – to drive performance on value-based care goals.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Explore how to better share data surrounding utilization, costs and quality to achieve better outcomes and value-based care goals
  • Outline what data is most valuable to providers to risk stratify their populations to identify and get upstream of high-risk conditions
  • Discuss ways technology can enable effective and efficient engagement with providers
  • Hear examples from successful payer-provider value-based relationships to gain practical insights into what works and what doesn’t

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Amy Pearlman
Melinda Walter
Mackenzie DeBoer
How Health Plans Use AI to Better Manage Chronic Illness

Using Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Manage the Health Impact and Costs of Chronic Conditions

Speakers: See below

On-demand webinar
Duration: 1 hour

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In partnership with World Congress Healthcare, we presented the following:

As more than 75 percent of adults who have deferred or forgone care during the pandemic had one or more chronic conditions, prioritizing care management for the chronically ill has never been more important.

During this discussion, hear how payers and their provider partners are integrating analytics and care management to target timely interventions to high-risk, rising-risk and the most impactable members.

Join us to learn about analytic models designed to manage the health impacts and costs of chronic conditions:

  • Understand data and variables that deliver highly accurate predictions
  • Examine key findings for models that predict the onset of type 2 diabetes, and models that predict complications of diabetes, heart failure and hypertension
  • Hear an example of how a plan prioritized care management resources based on analytics
  • Discover six best practices for integrating analytics into population health initiatives


Natalie Benner
Jasmine McCammon
Machine Learning Week Event 1
Machine Learning Week 

Build more models faster:

An automated machine learning pipeline to predict the onset of major chronic diseases

Speaker: Zhipeng Liu, Principal Data Scientist, Geneia

Recorded on May 25, 2021
Duration: 12 minutes

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Join Zhipeng for a live review of Geneia’s automated pipeline for building machine learning models from healthcare claims data with little or no manual intervention.

He’ll discuss:

  • The pipeline’s conception,
  • How it speeds model production by ~100 times while maintaining accuracy and interpretability, and
  • An application: a series of models to predict major chronic disease onset.


Zhipeng Liu
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