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World Congress Webinar Member Engagement June 28

Break through the member engagement barrier with AI and innovative advocacy models

Speaker: Meredith Rutala Williams, Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Geneia

Date: June 28, 2021.
Duration: 1 hour

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Despite the high value of member engagement, 37% of all members and nearly 50% of pre-boomers and boomers had 0% engagement with their health plan in 2020.

Join industry experts and explore how health plans can leverage and augment existing resources to improve member engagement and satisfaction. Panelists discuss:

  • Examples of real-world strategies used to engage members across all risk tiers.
  • How to optimize the critical first point of contact.
  • Insights around active support and advocacy for targeted rising- and high-risk members.
  • How to demonstrate increased value to employers.


    Meredith Rutala Williams
    Machine Learning Week Sri Bandhakavi
    Machine Learning Week 

    Population-level risk stratification of hypertensive patients

    Presenter: Sricharan Bandhakavi, Principal Data Scientist, Geneia

    On-demand webinar
    Recorded on May 24-28, 2021.
    Duration: 1 hour

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    Hypertension affects one in three American adults and can contribute to devastating complications, including heart attack, stroke, and end-stage renal disease.

    Using nationwide administrative claims data, Geneia data scientists developed a three-step approach to identify and risk-stratify hypertension member groups based on being ‘challenging to treat’ or ‘at risk for hypertension complications’. In this recorded presentation, Geneia Principal Data Scientist Sri Bandhakavi provides an in-depth review of this patent-pending predictive modeling approach and discusses how it supports risk stratification and management of hypertension members.


    Sri Bandkavi
    Machine Learning Week Event 1
    Machine Learning Week 

    Build more models faster:

    An automated machine learning pipeline to predict the onset of major chronic diseases

    Speaker: Zhipeng Liu, Principal Data Scientist, Geneia

    Recorded on May 25, 2021
    Duration: 12 minutes

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    Join Zhipeng for a live review of Geneia’s automated pipeline for building machine learning models from healthcare claims data with little or no manual intervention.

    He’ll discuss:

    • The pipeline’s conception,
    • How it speeds model production by ~100 times while maintaining accuracy and interpretability, and
    • An application: a series of models to predict major chronic disease onset.


    Zhipeng Liu
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