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Physician and Nurse Leader burnout is a public health crisis that demands action across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Burnout not only affects clinicians, but also the patients they serve. At the Physician Burnout Symposium, we will gather thought leaders and stakeholders for a few hours a day in January to address the multiple facets of burnout, such as time constraints, technology and regulations, and gain actionable solutions to implement within your health system.  If you miss any sessions, they will be on demand until the end of January.

In conjunction with the Sharp Index, a nonprofit dedicated to improving physician well-being, Physician Burnout Symposium will present healthcare technology and suicide prevention experts to share different voices about how to address and reduce burnout and restore joy in practicing medicine.

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Using AI to Manage Chronic Illness and Improve Population Health

Models created using artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly being used by hospitals, health plans and physicians to predict and prevent unnecessary exacerbations of chronic illness. In this webinar, Geneia lead principal data scientist Jasmine McCammon will discuss how these models are developed and review models such as one that predicts which type 2 diabetes patients will experience a diabetes-related complication in the next 12 months, another that predicts which heart failure patients will have complication(s) and a third that identifies patients at risk for opioid misuse.

Geneia’s principal transformational consultant Natalie Benner will share best practices for putting analytic models into population health practice. She’ll also discuss how healthcare organizations are using a hypertension model to create more effective, care management programs.

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