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Solving healthcare’s most intractable problems.

At its heart, the Geneia Data Intelligence Lab (GDI Lab) uses leading-edge data science to drive lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.

Our lab prioritizes projects that address major cost drivers and enable our clients – health plans, hospitals, physicians and their value-based partners – to identify, stratify and predict high-cost patients and conditions such as heart failure and diabetes.

Our models help clients to intervene earlier with patients whose risk is expected to rise and/or who are at risk for major, expensive conditions, allowing healthcare organizations to mitigate future costs while improving the health of those they serve.

Featured Resource

Using Low Dimensional Representation of Medical Concepts to Improve Population Health

Chief Analytics and Technology Officer Fred Rahmanian discusses how Geneia’s use of low dimensional representation of medical concepts allows health plans, hospitals and physician organizations to better identify, stratify and engage patient cohorts.

This presentation was originally part of the Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare 2020 virtual conference on June 3rd, 2020.


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