ACOs | Geneia

Your decision to be at the leading edge of the shift to value-based reimbursement is changing everything.

Your success depends on achieving total population health management and understanding and leveraging each component of your organization – hospitals, physician practices, administrators, enterprise partners, community services, payers and patients.

We know where you’re heading. Let us guide your way.

Innovate with Geneia:

  • Achieve total population health management with innovative tools, education and training.
  • Identify and manage your most at-risk and rising-risk populations.
  • Control margin erosion by reducing cost outlier impacts and care variations.
  • Analyze total cost of care and utilization history for an individual, cohort group or defined population to manage quality care, benefit coverage and cost growth.
  • Align physician incentives and optimize best practices through identifying trending patterns of care and reducing deviations.
  • Improve margins and outcome management through managing and adjusting risk, and leveraging risk-sharing opportunities.
  • Provide industry benchmarking analytics for performance improvement across an organization and within peer groups.