This is a new world in healthcare. Everyone must embrace innovation. We have to reform ourselves.

We have both the opportunity and the responsibility to provide increasingly better care to people that results in better health; improves the financial bottom line; and makes our physicians and clinicians happier and more satisfied.

Geneia delivers the innovative technologies, tools, and education that drive a smooth and information-based transition. We know that you require a phased solution, a strategic partnership with world-class predictive analytics, quality clinical support, and effective integration and management across your entire patient cost and care continuum.

Innovate with Geneia:    

  • Aggregate clinical, financial, claims, and psychosocial data from inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory, and pharmacy settings for a 360 degree view of population and patient experiences/histories. Bring together the power of structured and unstructured data collection and sharing.
  • Reduce Emergency Department re-admissions by 30 – 40% by coordinating and collaborating care across the care continuum. Reduce gaps in care, hand-off slippage, and unwarranted Emergency Department visits.
  • Streamline clinical workflows and reduce administrative overhead by 60 - 90 minutes per day, per provider.
  • Share rewards and risks for bottom line results when you accurately benchmark provider performance and compliance -- detect overutilization, recognize cost outliers, deviations in care, leakage, and underperforming providers.
  • Increase CMS Star Rating through sophisticated and accurate analytics. We provide unmatched identification of suspect and missing HCC codes, which allow for more accurate identification of patient risk and overall quality management of your population.


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