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We help hospitals improve performance while successfully transitioning to value-based care reimbursement

Our Theon® analytics and insights platform delivers key insights into value-based contract performance, risk, cost and utilization, helping you deliver early and targeted interventions to continuously improve outcomes.

With the Theon® platform, you can:

Deliver more personalized care

Through predictive insights, integrated patient data and prioritized actions based on risk. Engage patients before high-cost events occur.

Coordinate care from anywhere

Analytic insights embedded with the EHR help physicians and care teams identify and close gaps during each patient visit. Shared longitudinal care plans across multiple systems reduce duplicate and out-of-network services.

Increase and maintain higher Medicare Star quality ratings

Pushing real-time care and coding gaps into an existing EHR or patient care plan simplifies quality measure reporting and improves performance, ratings and outcomes.

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