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Restoring Your Joy of Medicine.

Our vision for improving patient lives is grounded by our commitment to the Quadruple Aim – better outcomes, lower cost, improved patient experience and higher physician satisfaction. We understand that addressing physician satisfaction in a way that truly restores the joy of practice means the software, process and workflow must reconnect physicians to patients and reduce administrative burden.

We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of restoring the Joy of Medicine, and we are driving toward this vision through four specific fronts:

  • Single platform solution to create a 360-degree view of each patient and patient- and population-specific clear, concise and actionable data
  • Dynamic, practice-level cohorts to easily identify who needs help, what kind of help they need and when they need it
  • Enhanced and streamlined workflows through EHR integration
  • Fully connected care transitions that minimize communication gaps and provide prioritized, organized lists of tasks and activities

At existing Geneia client sites, hospitals and physician-led systems are positioned to reduce administrative time by 90-minutes for every provider, every day. This is helping to restore the Joy of Medicine. 

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