Consulting Services | Geneia

Services to guide healthcare enterprises to value-based efficiency.

With years of expertise in the payer and provider side of healthcare, our dedicated resources are working with clients on governance and staffing for the new era of value reimbursement. Our clients are seeking solutions and services that are holistic in approach and customized for their unique challenges and organizational goals. Our style is to guide and mentor so your team can embrace change, gain valuable insights, optimize workflow and leverage advanced technology to help transform your organization for bottom line results.

We excel in the early and mid-stages of organizational transformation. For beginning and early-stage transitions, the biggest challenge is a shift in thinking about care delivery. How can an organization reinvent the delivery structure to improve quality outcomes while lowering total cost of care?  Training on our platform solution enables you and your teams to think critically about your data so that business decisions are built on information that can be immediately actionable to solve for cost and quality gaps.

Whether a provider, payer, or employer, Geneia steers your organization along the transformation journey. We guide clients through business workflow re-design and other transitional projects, connecting the robust information available through analytics to improve outcomes and lower cost. Whatever the assignment, Geneia works as both a process strategy advisor and a hands-on, tactical resource.

Geneia consultants know the journey, having traveled it often. Comprised of clinical, financial, technical and business experts, we have diversified skills to tackle the roughest terrain.

Choose Geneia Consulting Services for:

  • Population Health Management risk stratification, severity case mix analysis, utilization trending, effectiveness, and cost outliers for margin improvement.
  • Integration of disparate system data, collation of clinical findings, and holistic visualization of critical and meaningful data through customized dashlets and views.
  • Disease management program analysis, execution and remote monitoring programs to lower costs and improved quality.
  • Staff Augmentation and support for pre and post planning, and throughout technology implementation for maximum return on investment.
  • Quality Measurement program analysis, management and outcome/ performance improvement validation.