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Beyond the Exam Room

Being able to respond efficiently during times of need or to patient alerts; to proactively generate communications that encourage patients and populations to seek out care that closes their own gaps; to coordinate the delivery of care, regardless of care setting is a significant aspect of Geneia’s vision of transformative healthcare. Our solutions embrace collaborative care management and consumer outreach and engagement.

True longitudinal care plans require many interdependent components communicating seamlessly in the background, enabling any provider to meet any patient in any care delivery setting; confident in the knowledge that they have every available piece of information about that person, immediately at their fingertips, so they can provide the best possible care, every time. 
We bring the expertise, the experience and the tools to help your team turn your intelligence into actionable care plans for your patients that improve clinical outcomes, quality measures, provider satisfaction, and quality measures.
Choose Geneia’s consumer outreach and engagement solution to:
  •  Integrate multi-physician care plans and measure clinical outcomes and effectiveness 
  •  Proactively track unmet quality measures 
  •  Reach out and engage consumers and their care givers via their choice of communication
  •  Remotely monitor adherence to care guidelines, interventional coaching and self-managed
     behavioral changes
  •  Intervene to avoid emergency visits or hospital re-admissions when daily alerts indicate condition changes