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Focus on the one without losing sight of all.

Today, population health is primarily focused on risk stratification, risk assessments and scores, and patient registries. Tomorrow, the focus will shift to the predictive insights and guidance that can only be delivered via sophisticated algorithms that are shared across a single, unified platform and are supported by education and training services.

Geneia’s population health management solution is helping organizations implement and customize population health risk management capabilities to the unique needs within their organization for maximum cost benefit and value to the communities they serve. It promises a clearer look at aggregated patient populations for better clinical and cost management.

Leverage our platform, advanced analytics capabilities, visualization tools and training to turn your disparate view of the healthcare landscape into an actionable 360 degree plan for success. 

Choose Geneia’s population health management suite to:

  • Identify and segment at-risk patients, highlighting behavioral and psychosocial traits potentially affecting compliance, outcomes and margins.
  • Pursue insights into variations in care delivery, site costs, utilization patterns, quality, and satisfaction.
  • Refine patient population filters for retrospective and prospective cohort cost analysis and key performance indicator trending.
  • Expand proactive disease management through clinical insights and remote monitoring for at-risk patients. 
  • Customize chronic disease care planning across care settings to decrease emergent care visits, hospital admissions, and/or re-admissions by 30-40 percent.