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Geneia takes a holistic perspective on transformative healthcare. We looked at every aspect and asked ourselves what we could do to influence change and help everyone meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Part of our innovative organization is the creation of The Geneia Institute.

The Geneia Institute (TGI) provides Theon® platform specific training, and develops and delivers a variety of educational courses for all organizational levels around population health topics. Educational resources can be pushed into the hands of patients and clinicians via TGI’s mobile application for Apple and Android devices, Care TransformED.

For clinicians, we address key topics that further health population management, such as risk management, behavioral change, and motivational interviewing via eLearning courses, 10-minute micro-learning courses, and extensive 40-hour courses.

For patients, we provide courses on weight loss, behavior change, and diabetes education, etc. All courses are delivered via mobile platforms, provided on-demand, on-line and on-site.

Choose The Geneia Institute for:

  • Flagship Population Health Certificate through our co-partnership with Villanova University College of Nursing.
  • Care Coordination courses
  • Team-based care delivery courses
  • Emerging models of care courses
  • Customized research for clinical advancement in care

The Geneia Institute providing knowledge today and leaders for tomorrow.


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