The Theon® Platform

Identify. Stratify. Engage.

Theon® Platform

The Theon® platform provides a secure and robust solution for health plans that:

  • Is easy to use
  • Applies data analytics to identify and stratify populations uncovering insights for personalized, member-centered care
  • Surfaces the right member insights to accurately target and proactively engage members, reducing costs and improving outcomes

Proven Solution. Repeatable Results.


Identify and stratify populations for the greatest impact

The Theon® platform takes in and enriches multiple types and sources of data, making it easy for organizations to identify, stratify and engage populations. With ready-to-use analytics, health plans and their provider networks have the right insights to drive earlier interventions, effectively managing chronic conditions and reducing emergency room visits and readmissions.


The Theon® platform surfaces insights through:

  • Theon® Population Analytics a native Salesforce® Health Cloud app
  • Theon® Analytics & Reporting a lightweight analytics tool with pre-built reports, as well as the ability to build new ones without technical or development resources
  • Business intelligence tools used to create ad-hoc visualizations and reporting

Drive proactive, sustained and prioritized engagement

Actionable insights surfaced through Theon® Population Analytics enrich the 360-degree patient view within Health Cloud and support population health engagement at scale. We built this app for a single, focused purpose – to drive proactive, sustained and prioritized engagement for clinical teams. Insights and information at the population and individual member levels allow health plans and providers to take specific actions and inform clinical and operational decisions, improving the quality and cost of care.

Theon Analytics and Reporting Platform

Gain critical insights into key cost, utilization and quality metrics

Non-technical end users such as clinical and financial team members need critical insights at their fingertips. Theon® Analytics & Reporting provides a set of customized reports and easy, on-demand self-service visualizations and reporting. This lightweight reporting tool reveals the data analytics and insights at the core of the Theon® platform without requiring developer assistance or lengthy wait times usually associated with new report requests.

Accelerate time to value with pre-configured care management workflow

Theon® Population Analytics easily identifies which members with a chronic disease are at greatest risk for a complication, groups them for clinical intervention and refers them directly to the Theon® Platform for Care Management. Health plan or provider team members can easily drive engagement with pre-configured guided interactions, evidence-based assessments, care-plan content and ready-to-use reports with this out-of-the-box workflow built by clinicians for clinicians.


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